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Immersive Video Support

360º/VR Video Management and Presentations

Effortlessly manage, pitch and privately share 360º/VR video assets.

Simian’s end-to-end workflow solution for business and creative teams supports immersive projects from inception to final delivery.

360º/VR Native Player


Simian's 360º/VR player works across all major browsers that support WebGL, native support on Android and on iOS via the Simian Now! App.

  • Experience stunning, 4k 360° playback.
  • Play video natively on all desktop and Android mobile browsers.
  • Embed video into your website.
  • Enable a true immersive experience with optional stereoscopic viewing.
360º/VR Sales & Collaboration


Share 360º/VR video content simply and streamline project progress with the industry's most progressive tools. Simian empowers sales teams to fine tune their sales approach and grow their 360º/VR business by creatively marketing talent.

  • Create and send high resolution 360°/VR Reel Presentations.
  • Receive instant view notifications and track client engagement.
  • Share video securely and collaborate seamlessly.
  • Upload and share 360°/VR video with teams and clients.
  • Annotate directly on video and add timestamped comments.
  • Receive pinpoint-accurate feedback by coordinates within the 360° frame.

Apps & Integrations

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Top 360°/VR Presentation Uses

Market 360°/VR work and collaborate seamlessly, with Simian's comprehensive 360°/VR support and workflow solution.

  • Pitch 360°/VR Work
  • Create Company and Client-Branded Presentation
  • Collaborate simply on WIP and Review & Approval
  • View 360º/VR on Mobile
  • Annotate on Video
  • Enable Private Media Sharing
  • Deliver Finished Work

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